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For more information regarding our E-Groups, call our church office at 757.242.6382 or contact our Group Ministry Leaders - Bobby & Glenda Crane  


Group: Band Of Brothers 

Leader:  Donny Overman

Overview: Focusing on issues, challenges and opportunities of being christian men in our homes, communities, and in the work place.

When: Wednesday 7PM

Where: Elevate Church Building


Group: Crafty Christians

Leader: Becke West

Overview: Come enjoy a time of crafting and talking. Craft will be completed each night and be in line with the approaching Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. The group will not only enjoy a time of fellowship as they complete the craft for the night, but also focused discussion of God’s Word.

When: 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month

Where: Becke West’s home (call the church office for more information)


Group: Gather & Grow

Leader: Donny & Kathy Overman

Description:  Do life together with us. Connect with people. Grow together in the study of the Word. Serve together on community projects. Join us for get-togethers, movie nights, worship nights, game nights, and more!

When: Sundays 4PM

Where: Overman’s home (call the church office for more information)


Group: Great Lives from God's Word

Leaders: Philip & Bethany Gurecki

Description:  We will be studying the lives and writings of influential people in the Bible using N.T. Wright's study guides.

When: Every other Wednesday

Where: Gurecki’s Home (Call the church office for more information) 


Group: Growing in Faith

Leaders: Crystal Butler and Lauren Olsen

Description: In your walk as a Christian woman, it is so important to fellowship with one another and find strength in our similarities and our differences. The focus for this group will be to: build upon the foundations of our faith and grow in Christ; create a community for encouragement and support;  have fun, food, and friendship. 

When: Every other Wednesday at 6:30PM beginning September 12 

Where: Franklin (call the church office for more information)


Group: J.O.Y. (Just Older Youth) - Ages 50+

Leaders: Bobby and Glenda Crane

Description: This group aims to minister to and connect with all of the adults who are over the age of 50.

When: Monthly on a Saturday 4PM

Where: Elevate Church building


Group: Limitless

Leader: Brittany Chavis

Description:   We often put limits on everything from our expectations of ourselves, of others, and even of Jesus. Our goal will be to learn more about the limitless friendship, grace, love and opportunities we are provided. Our group will be going through the study Jesus is _______. Find a New Way to be Human written by Judah Smith. According to Judah, "Jesus is a new and better way to be human." We will go on a journey with him as he completes the sentence: Jesus is _____, revealing to us the character of Jesus. We will take a deeper look into life and being human and how Jesus can take the limits we put on ourselves and Jesus away. 

When:  Wednesdays 6:30PM

Where: Holland area of Suffolk (call the church office for more information) 


Group: Shine:  "Don't shine so others can see you, shine so that through you others can see Him." -C.S. Lewis

Leader: Melissa Szymanski

Description: We will begin each meeting with fellowship, followed by the lesson and discussion. This semester, the study will be from the sermon series presented by Pastor Thomas-Steele, "Give What You Got." We will dig deeper into these messages while focusing on God to use you. Learn to be a source of strength and courage for others to see. Radiate with Love!

When: Every other Tuesday 6:15PM beginning September 11

Where: Elevate Church building


Group: Women of God

Leaders: Cindy Shelton and Lisa Raby

Description: We will be studying Priscilla Shirer's bible study, "Gideon." Have you ever felt overwhelmed, inexperienced, intimidated, insufficient, too young, too old, or too afraid? if so, come and learn how God can use these weaknesses to unlock His strength! Come join us sister and lets grow stronger together, to be who He made us to be! We will have Priscilla on video, her workbook, and leader led discussions. We will also share a meal together each week. 

When: Wednesday 6:30PM

Where: Windsor (call the church office for more information)