"You've Been Egged!" Easter Home Missions Event

Great Times in Elevate Kids getting ready for the "You've Been Egged" home missions Easter event. A SWEET Sunday, indeed! Worship songs, Easter Story, and stuffing eggs! Fun, FuN, FuN!!!!! Praise God for the GREATEST DAY in history! Jesus is Alive! Elevate Kids stuffed 11 of 12 eggs and will visit someone they want to invite to church for Easter Service to hear about Jesus! The message left on the door is....You've Been Egged!! There are 12 eggs hidden in your yard. Enjoy the hunt, but don't be troubled when you find an empty egg. This is a simple reminder of Jesus's empty tomb! HE IS ALIVE!!!! Come Visit Elevate Easter Sunday at Georgie Tyler Middle School at 9:00 OR 11:00. So Exciting!!!!

Picture by Dana Rae Photography