March 19,2017

Elevate Kids are continuing their unit of study, It's A Miracle! This past Sunday we learned about Jesus healing the lame man. Rylin's name was drawn out of our bucket and he was challenged to get a candy treat that was placed across the room. The only catch was he couldn't use his legs! This smart boy immediately got on his buns and started scooting to his candy treat. We all cheered him on and got to the Bible story. John 5: 1-15....The main focus is God healed then and He can heal now! Now, does He heal every person every time? No, He doesn’t. But, He is still in the miracle-working business. Our job is not to try to figure out WHY God heals or doesn’t heal immediately. Our job is to ASK for His healing! HE is the healer! So, let’s ask!