It's A Miracle!

Elevate Kids began a brand new unit of study called, "It's a Miracle!" This past Sunday we learned that "When We Have A Need, God Will Provide!" Our story came from Matthew 17:24-27. Peter had a need and went straight to Jesus. Jesus told Peter to go fishing! The first fish would have what he needed right in its mouth. Strange? Maybe, but Peter's obedience led to the answer to his need, a gold coin to pay the temple tax. No matter what need we have, God knows all about it. It doesn’t matter how big it is. God is bigger! He may provide for that need in a way that we never would have thought He would. I’m sure Peter never thought he would be paying his taxes with “fish money”, but God knew. God provides for His children. We must trust Him and expect Him to take care of our every need.