The Holy Spirit, Our Helper!

Another GREAT Sunday in Elevate Kids Church! You have to know, God has blessed Elevate with some amazing kids! We had a wonderful time....Great praise songs, small group prayer time, Tuffy Turtle's surprise visit, Bible story, group game to reinforce focus points from lesson, and brain drain review questions.....oh, and as always, SKITTLES came to share, "WHAT'S UP!" for the main focus. That was, "I need the Holy Spirit to help me!" We learned how Peter denied Jesus three times before he received the Holy Spirit, but after he received God's spirit, he had power to preach with incredible boldness. 3,000 accepted Jesus as their Savior after his first sermon!!!! .....Our life application was, the Holy Spirit is a gift to us when we receive Jesus as our Savior. He is our helper and will help us share Jesus with others, understand the Bible, and let us know when we have done something wrong. Our POWER HOUR was packed with lots of great things! We hope to see everyone back next Sunday!!! A big thank you to Janet Musgrove, Kevin and Margaret Meynardie, Maggie Meynardie, and Alec Kiser for serving our children and being a part of Elevate Kids Ministry!

Thomas-Steele CarrComment