It's Your Choice

Another GREAT Day in Elevate Kids Church! Elevate Parents, today we talked about CHOICES! Our choices bring about consequences. Good choices bring good things our way and bad choices will bring bad things our way. Our object lesson was a little scary for Mrs. Jackie, Mrs. Pam, and Mrs. Janet to lead. We had a mouse trap to stress how temptations can lead to bad choices. Just as a mouse is distracted by the "good cheese" on the trap and it leads him to....well we know...SNAP! Ouch!!! We, too, can be distracted by bad things that may look good, but lead to bad consequences. Tuffy the turtle showed us a stop sign and said when we are tempted....STOP! S for stop, T for Think about the possible consequence, O for Obey God's Word, and P for pray for help in doing the right thing. Thanks, Tuffy!!!! We reviewed the Bible stories of Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel. Their bad choices led to horrible consequences. Parents, what a great lesson to bring to life throughout the week at home!